The "Tepresto" project was founded in 2002, originally intended to produce fast techno sound called "Schranz" (Te=Techno, Presto=italian for fast beat). However, there was only produced one "Schranz" track, afterwards Tepresto became softer and deeper and instead of producing tracks at 140 BPM, he discovered his love for minimal/dubtech/ambient. His newer productions range about 120 to 130 bpm. His sound is soulful and often describes depressive states, that yet are decorated with a portion of hope. Minimal Techno and Ambient to him are the most beautiful musical language that allows him to express his emotions best.

Tepresto (real name Rafal Poreba) is a 27-year-old polish who was born and raised in the centre of Warsaw, Poland. Tepresto stands for a sentimental, warm and intelligend sound, often the listener gets accompanied by depressive feelings, afterwards the very important figure called "hope" follows, which is emphasized in his productions in a frequent way. These figures symbolize his life, his hard childhood and past. With "hope" he wants to give the listener the power to never give up, no matter how hard are the circumstances in life. His productions and his style are versatile and every single track is a new journey, far from the mainstream and intended to be enjoyed by connoisseurs and passionists.

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