[AMR-03N] Marco Nega - Good Natured EP out now on Altered Moods Recordings

We'd like to inform you that Marco has just dropped his "Good Natured EP" for californian deeptech label Altered Moods Recordings. Altered Moods Recordings, our brothers in spirit is run by Malcolm Moore, founder of the site to showcase upcoming talent in deep house, tech house, ambient, minimal and everything inbetween. Let us hear some of Malcolm's words about the release: " It's the eye of the's a lone desert oasis in the center of a roiling's 30 minutes of calm smack-dab in the middle of absolute chaos as Marco Nega washes away the sad times with his Good Natured EP. The album features three tracks of the minimal melodic goodness you know and love from the wunderkind from Koblenz. So what are you waiting for? Get to downloadin'."

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