Every Sunday at 7 PM CET - Mixomat Radio Show

every sunday at 7 pm CET (6 PM UK, 8 PM in da motherland, 10 AM california, 1 PM new york): check it out

you know the deal, 2 hours (or more) of deepness and nooooooooooo slack

I'm trying to establish this as a regular showcase of what's hot and interesting in deep electronic music. Also, it's a try to establish some kind of community around this type of music by offering a chat room that you can join during the show. Next sunday (December 23) the show will take place at 7 PM central european time (6 PM UK,9 PM moscow, 8 PM SA etc...) ...
Stream links:
MP3 Stream
MP4 Stream (32 kbps for modem)
To chat page
See you there!
PS: You might also try these stream links out of the normal show slot times... sometimes i'm running old mixes or just reruns of older shows.

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