aaaaahhhhhhhh!!!! This release is off the hook! It just adds to the list one of those releases that are timeless. Respect immer,Esti,Franck,Igor,Mando Marco and Tepresto. I hope Spin is listening in guys, maybe he might come back to his senses(minimal reality). Please make sure you give him all the releases including the mixsests, hehehe!

posted by coopa | 2006-05-29

hey coopa, thanks for the shouts i think immer.chic will be pleased and happy. oh and i think spin might still check this site regularly. :)

posted by estimulo | 2006-05-29


[MIX009] immer.chic - filtered impressions ep

a long time coming and here it is, immer.chic's follow-up release to their debut ep on mixomat recordings. gregory and julian gave us some tracks from which we selected these three cuts to be featured on their second release, called the "filtered impressions ep".

stylistically they maintain their broad and varied influences. they take off with the minimal flavored techhouse of "the day (with an urban flair)" to the beautiful deeeep "ambient dub" moods of "maelstrom" directing us to a downtempo chill called "dreams".

we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

You can check it out in the releases section.

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