Yo dudes... I really love this compilation... The production of mixomat-recording is without limits.... Would be nice to make a mix of the best from mixomat-recording.... but all are bset ... will be very difficolt choose the tracks... go on in this way... best wishes Mitch

posted by djmitch | 2005-10-29

really really good music boys! i enjoy a lot lisening to it. KEeep on

posted by yuju | 2005-12-17


posted by test | 2005-12-21


[MIX005] Spectral Lines - A Mixomat-Recordings Label Compilation

We're very busy at the moment, sorry guys. But your patience will be honored with a Label Compilation. We are proud to have some new tracks from: Igor O. Vlasov, immer.Chic, Tepresto, Marco Nega and we have also two new artists, mando mango and Dyn:Idle.

A new site design and a new logo is in progress. Please be patient until the changes are completed. Further informations about the new artists will be available after the site is updated.

Thanx for your support guys. Cheers, Marco.

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